Marion Richmond will tell you proudly, “I could talk about horses forever.”

This enthusiastic passion for horses has been with Marion since childhood. In those early days, Marion would ride her part-bred Arabian, Cherry, along the bush trails winding throughout the Hills District outside of Sydney, Australia; those countless hours in the saddle spent dreaming of a white, purebred Arabian mare and breeding foals from her. That daydream manifested with the purchase of Marion’s first foundation mare, Fuewasa, and in 1960, when she foaled
Shoshanna (by Sala), Simeon Stud was established

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A visit to Simeon Stud will introduce Marion Richmond’s dedication to the highest standards of welfare and husbandry, an extensive knowledge of conformation and pedigrees, her commitment to a good-natured temperament, and the wisdom she’s gained from her 60-year quest for perfection. Marion will demonstrate that Simeon Stud is home of the quintessential Arabian.

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Marion Richmond believes that the mare is the foundation unit of any Arabian horse breeding program

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